KAOSTICK - Inorganic Adhensive


KAOSTICK is a ready-mixed heat-setting inorganic adhesive, designed to adhere ceramic fiber products (including the edge of ceramic fiber lining) to refractory surfaces.

KAOSTICK is suitable for use with ceramic fiber modules such as UNIFELT-B, the edge of ceramic fiber blankets, and ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes (VFS).

Mainly based on highly refractory chamotte, KAOSTICK contains an inorganic binder solution with the alkali content that is kept to a minimum to mitigate the damage to the ceramic fiber materials. It also comprises of additives to improve the workability.

Product Specifications

     Max. Service        Temperature (℃) Color Modulus of Rupture(MPa) Chemical Composition (%) Q’ty per Can(kg)
1400 Gray After Drying                      0.5
After Firing at 1000℃x24h       1.2
Al₂O₃+SiO₂            97
R₂O                        0.3


Data shown are typical values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods.
They are provided for your reference only and are subject to change without notice. 





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