RCF FREE:PCW(Polycrystalline Wool) Module


FIBERMAX UNIBLOK and SABER BLOC are PCW module made from FIBERMAX BLANKETs. UNIBLOK is the cut-and-layered type module made of stack strip of blankets while SABER BLOC is the folded type module made of folded blanket.

The cubic structure greatly saves the installation time.

With the same quality of material used, UNIBLOK and SABER BLOC lining can extend service temperature range due to compress and increase bulk density of the module. 

ISOLITE can supply various shapes and sizes of module.

UNIBLOK and SABER BLOC lining doesn’t expose metal fittings inside the furnace, and attains fairly high resistance to gas velocity.  

Module Types

Module Types Anchor Type
UNIBLOK Module made of cut and tightly compressed BLANKETs M, T
SABER BLOC Accordion-like module made of a folded and

layer compressed BLANKET

M, T
D BLOCK Module made of cut and sewn BLANKETs B, S1

Dimensions Guide:

T: thickness X: width Y: stacking direction

(T) mm ⅹ (X) mm ⅹ (Y) mm

・Custom shapes require a drawing.

Anchoring System


TYPE-S:Stud-bolt is welded to the shell. Module is inserted and fixed to the anchoring system with a nut and washer.

TYPE-M:Anchoring system is incorporated into the module. Module is fixed to the stud-bolt with a special nut from the inner face of the furnace.

TYPE-T:Anchoring system is incorporated into the module. Module is fixed by attaching a nut from the outer face of the furnace.


TYPE-B:Anchoring system is incorporated into the module. Module is fixed to the special stud-bolt by fastening a special nut from the inner face of the furnace.

TYPE-S1:Anchoring system is incorporated into the module. Module is fixed by attaching a nut and washer from the outer face of the furnace.


Product Name 1600




1600D  BLOCK
Max. Service Temperature (°C) 1600 1600 1600
Bulk Density (kg/m³) 130 130 100 130 170
JIS A1412–1
at 600°C 0.19 0.19 0.21 0.19 0.17
at 800°C* 0.27 0.27 0.30 0.27 0.24
at 1000°C* 0.38 0.38 0.42 0.38 0.34
at 1200°C* 0.51 0.51 0.57 0.51 0.46
Linear  Shrinkage (%) at 1400°C×24h 0.7 0.5 0.4
at 1500°C×24h 1.1 1.1 0.9 0.7 0.7

Composition  (%)

Al₂O₃ 72 72 72 72 72
Al₂O₃+SiO₂ 100 100 100 100 100




FIBERMAX UNIFELT-B made of FIBERMAX BLANKET thereof cut into rectangular pieces and piled into layers in the same manner as FIBERMAX UNIBLOK.  The size of FIBERMAX UNIFELT-B is 300×300 or 200x200mm and the thickness is 50 or 75mm.  For ordinary use, 50mm thick is standard.

Veneering means the installation of Ceramic Fiber on existing refractories in a furnace.  It is an effective method of inner insulation of furnace to reduce heat loss.  As for installation, studs are embedded in Fire Bricks, Castables, or Plastics inside the furnace to fix the liners, or KAOSTICK is used to fix the linings, or both methods are applied at the same time.

The greatest merit of veneering is that it reduces heat storage and heat flow by inner insulation.  Particularly, when applied to a batch-type furnace, in which the temperature changes very often, it displays a noticeable effect.  Veneering has been widely employed because it attains economization of energy without relining the furnace, and recently applied to newly built furnaces, too.

Max. Service Temperature(℃) 1600
Bulk Density  (kg/m³) 130
Thermal Conductivity
JIS A1412-1
※Calculation value
at 600℃ 0.19
at 800℃※ 0.27
at 1000℃※ 0.38
Linear Shrinkage (%) at 1500℃×24hrs 1.1

Standard Size (mm)

FIBERMAX Thickness Width Length
1600 UNIBLOK, SABER BLOC 100・200・300 300 300
1600D BLOCK 30 200 150
50 300 150・300
100・150・200・250・300 300 300
1600 UNIFELT-B 50・75 300 300
200 200

Data shown are typical values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods.
They are provided for your reference only and are subject to change without notice. 






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