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Hybrid products with ISOWOOL VFSs and Heater Coils

PANEL HEATERs are hybrid products with ISOWOOL VFSs and Heater Coils. PANEL HEATERs, VFS heater panels with heater coils embedded in them are used for electric furnaces or for field stress relieving. These VFSs serve as both heat and electrical insulator. PANEL HEATERs are light weight, and have extreme stability at high temperature and high thermal insulation properties. PANEL HEATERs are formed together with heater coils under the suitable quality control at our plants. Following points are characteristics of PANEL HEATERs: 1. To be shorten assemble time of heater coils since light weight thermal insulator and heater coils can be install at one time. 2. To be shorten cycle time of furnace operation by the low heat storage and low thermal conductivity of PANEL HEATERs. 3. Various shapes of PANEL HEATER can be supplied not only flat panel and cylindrical shapes.

Typical Application

1. Heat treatment furnaces of metals
2. Diffusion furnaces of semiconductors
3. CVD furnaces
4. Experimental furnaces
5. Glass Heat Treatment Furnaces

Specifications and Shapes

Max. Service temperature 1200℃
Bulk density of VFS portion 340kg/㎥
Standard thickness Flat panel 30~100mm
Other shapes 25~50mm
Typical heating capacity 10~20kW/
About higher heating capacity

please ask our sales staffs.

Insulating Resistance Over 5MΩ(room temp., measured voltage: 500V
Types Embedded type is standard.  ISOLITE can

supply Embedded and Open type.

Please ask our sales staffs about the types, sizes

and shapes.

Instructions and directions for use

1. Temperature measuring position
Temperature sensing parts, thermos couple should be fixed near heater coil due to prevent the overheating of the heater coil.

2. Usage in gas atmosphere
In case of usage in N2, NH3, SO2 gas or reducing gas such as CO, H2 gas atmosphere furnace, or vacuum furnace, the service temperature of the PANEL HEATER should be lower than usage in air atmosphere.
In case of usage in CO or hydrocarbon gas atmosphere, carbon, causing leak of electricity, may deposit and accrete on the PANEL HEATER.


Data shown are typical values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods.
They are provided for your reference only and are subject to change without notice. 





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