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Research and Development

Product Development and Technology Development

In order to contribute to energy conservation in the thermal industry, we manufacture insulating firebricks, ceramic fibers and high temperature insulation materials such as porous ceramics etc.

Proposed rephrase

We are constantly developing new products and technologies to realize a more effective thermal insulation design accordance with customer requirements.
As a result, Isolite as a comprehensive material manufacturer, we can satisfy customer needs by offering energy conservation proposals.


Utilizing our many years of extensive experience, we aim to extend the life-span of customer facilities with even more superior construction technology.

Proposed rephrase

Equip with more enchanced engineering technology, we are able to respond ever increasing energy-saving demands by safe and simple construction methods.

Technology development themes

Isolite’s products not only contribute to energy conservation in industries that deal with heat, we also provide functional materials that are widely used in building, disaster prevention and environment related industries, (automobile)applications, the thermal processing industry and even the electronics industry.

We introduce the status of the current R&D activities of our company and the ISOLITE group.

◎ People-friendly products and energy saving

RCF (refractory ceramic fibers) were designated as a specified chemical substance in November 2016 in Japan, and from the standpoint of protecting workers, it became necessary to create a safe working environment and strengthen management, mainly for primary products, at the time of their manufacture or use. In order to use them in conventional working environments, there has been increased use of the low bio-persistence product, AES (alkaline earth silicate), and PCW (polycrystalline wool) products, which do not fall under the specified chemical substance designation. We have developed and offered “People-friendly ceramic wool products” using AES and PCW according to the application. We are also continuing to develop RCF molded products and improve quality.
Furthermore, by developing a high-performance thermal insulation materials with extremely low thermal conductivity that leads to significant energy savings, greenhouse gas reduction and energy conservation can be realized. We are continually working on improvement and development.

◎ Environment field – Working on zero emissions (recycling of waste products)

We are working on reducing waste by developing and improving manufacturing technology. As recycling of end materials generated in the manufacturing process may be difficult as is, we are working on reducing waste by improving processing technology and recycling. Continuing improvement of technologies will contribute to effective use of resources and environmental conservation, and our initiatives will also benefit companies.