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Quality, Environmental Health & Safety Policy

Quality Policy

  1. Customer Focus
    We always strive to identify market needs from the customer’s perspective and provide products with a high degree of customer satisfaction.
  2. Continuous Improvement
    We will continuously improve our quality management system, to enhance confidence in our products and services, and to strengthen our technological capabilities and profitability.
  3. Social Contribution
    We aim to contribute to society at large by complying with laws, regulations, and rules, as well as by creating a rewarding work environment that is in harmony with the community.

June 28th, 2023
Isolite Insulating Products Co., Ltd.
President Toshihiko Kaneshige

organization Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials
update April 1st, 2019

Environmental Policy

  1. To achieve harmony between corporate activities and the environment, we will work to conserve energy and resources and reduce greenhouse gases within the company.
  2. n the fields of production and technology, we will develop recycling technologies, effectively use resources, simplify product packaging, and reduce waste, taking into consideration life cycle perspective..
  3. In the fields of product development and dissemination, we will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society and a sustainable global environment through energy-saving fireproof insulation products and environmental greening products.
  4. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, as well as with agreements to which we have agreed.
  5. We will set targets for environmental conservation, aim to achieve them, and review them as necessary to continuously improve our environmental management system and reduce our environmental impact, including the prevention of environmental pollution.
  6. We will make this policy known to all persons working for or on behalf of our company, and promote environmental conservation activities. We will also disclose this policy to external parties upon request.

June 28th, 2023
Isolite Insulating Products Co., Ltd.
President Toshihiko Kaneshige

organization Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials
update July 1st, 2021

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Basic policy

Realization of confident factories backed by high productivity and safety.

Action Policies

  1. We will committed to continuous improvement in occupational health and safety management, and occupational health and safety performance.
  2. We will prevent of occupational health and safety accidents, injuries, and illnesses in the production of fireproof insulation materials.

Focus on the following occupational health and safety activities to eliminate hazards and reduce occupational health and safety risks.

    • Prevention of cutting wounds caused by machine tools, pinching accidents caused by machines, and falls and tumble
    • Prevention of health problems and heat stroke caused by dust inhalation
    • Compliance with legal requirements for handling refractory ceramic fiber (Regulations on Prevention of Hazards due to Specified Chemical Substances)
  1. We recognize that each of us is responsible for occupational health and safety, and all of us will participate in the activities.
  2. We will comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as other requirements to which we agree.
  3. We will engage in 5S activities to improve the sensitivity of employees to abnormalities and create a corporate culture that encourages employees to observe what has been decided.
  4. We will conduct safety checks through KY activities to prevent human error.
  5. We will make this policy known to all people who work for or on behalf of our company.

July 14, 2022

Isolite Insulating Products Co., Ltd.

Officer in Charge of Safety and Environment Department Akihiko Okada

organization Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials
update July 14th, 2022