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Our Business

Contributing to environmental conservation by developing a key technology of fireproof insulation 

At Isolite, we manufacture and sell high-temperature fireproof insulation materials, such as insulating firebricks and high-temperature insulation materials that contribute to energy saving in the thermal industry.
We are engaged in research and development of the ceramic porosification technology of insulating materials exceeding 1000°C as these materials play an important role not only in energy saving but also in a wide range of other areas such as disaster prevention, composite materials, and environmental conservation.

Thermal insulation business

Apart from the insulating firebricks, we develop high-temperature insulation wool materials that feature excellent insulating properties, are lightweight and have low heat storage. Our materials are widely used in the steel, petrochemical and ceramics industries where high-temperature insulation application is crucial.
Our engineering department designs and implements practical solutions to achieve energy conservation in industrial furnaces of any type.
We focus on the development of materials that are friendly not only to a global environment but also to the human body.