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Corporate Code of Conduct

Our company motto is “Creativity and Harmony” and we believe that to continuously grow and further broaden the scope of our business, it is essential to be trusted by everyone involved with the company inside and outside. Therefore, we are dedicated to conducting our business in accordance with the laws and regulations that are not only applicable in Japan but in all the countries where we operate. We also aim to increase our corporate value by only engaging in fair and just corporate activities that are in accordance with our Compliance Manual.

1. Regulatory Compliance

We will comply with both the letter and the spirit of laws and regulations in Japan and overseas, respecting all social norms, including corporate ethics, common sense, and decency as we engage in corporate activities that are fair and above-board.

2. Provision of safe, good-quality products and services

We will improve our technological capacity and develop and provide safe, good-quality products and services to obtain our customers’ satisfaction and trust.

3. Appropriate information disclosure

We will communicate not only with shareholders but more broadly with society at large, disclosing corporate information appropriately and honestly as we constantly seek to engage in corporate activities with a high degree of transparency.

4. Environmental preservation

Recognizing that engaging with environmental problems is an essential element of our corporate social presence and activities, we will engage in environmentally friendly product development and business activities.

5. Social contribution

With pride in the way in which we make our products, we will contribute to local communities through safe, environmental manufacturing, as well as contributing to industrial development by engaging in technological development and innovation.

6. Response to antisocial forces

We will make a strong stand against antisocial forces and groups that pose a threat to the order or safety of civil society.

7. Respect for human rights and ensuring a good working environment

Respecting people’s individuality and personalities, we will not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, creed, mental or physical disability, or social status. We will ensure a safe, friendly working environment for all and strive to develop the abilities of every single employee.

8. Globalization

Deeply aware that we are part of the global community, we will respect the practices and cultures of all the parts of the world where our business operations are located, contributing to their development while striving for partnership and integration.